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All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older or must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Some volunteer opportunities,such as dog walking are currently only open to those 18 and over.

If you are under the age of 18 host a Pawsitive Partner event or download the ResQWalk App

from the  App store and raise funds by just going for a walk!

Get the App!
Click Here for the Application.


Fill out a Volunteer Application Form. They are available at the shelter front desk or by clicking the link below. Drop off the completed forms at the main reception of the shelter or e-mail them to info@fortmcmurrayspca.ca or fax them to 780-791-3772


If you are also interested in becoming a Foster Family, fill out a Foster Family Application Form and submit both forms together. If you are not sure about fostering, you can always submit the foster form later as long you are a registered volunteer. The Foster forms are also available at the shelter front desk or by clicking the link below.


A link will be emailed to you so please be sure to include your email on the application.With this link you are able to sign-up for various shelter duties according to your leisure and schedule. If you would like to get started right away, you are welcome to take advantage of our public/drop in dog walking program or our public/drop in cat grooming and socialization program.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

General Shelter Volunteering

Running a shelter is a busy business. There is always something to do! Everyday we have to do little things around the facility to keep it operating smoothly.

At this time we have decided to combine all of our daily volunteer tasks into one sign-up!

These tasks can include:

Non Professional Dog Grooming

Cat Socialization

Tidying and Organizing the FMSPCA Attic

Yard Work

Dishes and Laundry

General Shelter Clean Up and Maintenance.

We look forward to having your helping hands as we work together to keep Fort McMurray Strong

FMSPCA Pet Food Bank Transition Volunteers

The FMSPCA is currently transitioning back to its Pet Food Bank Program and needs your help!

We will need several able bodied volunteers to give us a hand moving inventory around our compound! Please lend us your muscle.

This project will include:

- assembling Pet Kits for WBFB

-moving and organizing pallets of pet supplies

-moving items into our attic storage



Cats, like people, come in so many different shapes, sizes, energy levels and of course personalities. Some like to chatter away the day, others prefer the solitude of a nice quiet spot. Some love to be petted and others would rather you just put the cat nip down and then back away slowly.

We want to appeal to all types of felines. We want to reinforce the positive characteristics of each animal so that they can do what they were born to do...be a cat.


 Please contact 


The shelter is a strong supporter of reducing material waste in addition to reducing animal over population! We have achieved approximately 75% waste diversion by implementing our recycle program. You can be a part of that by helping us get the diverted material to the proper recycling facilities. This volunteer position involves driving to specific locations to drop off empty recycling bins or picking up full ones.







Please contact 


In order to help as many animals as possible, we have teamed up with other shelters and rescues in Alberta and across Canada. Animals may need to be moved for a variety of reasons including over capacity at our own shelter, they require special medical or behavioral care, or they simply haven't found the perfect family here in Fort McMurray and so need to look elsewhere.

If you already have a planned trip south, why not take a furry companion with you for the ride!




Please contact



Some times things are just simply more fun when done with a group. Does your company have a Day of Caring? Do you have a bunch of friends with nothing to do? Let us know if you have a group ready to go to work and we'll contact you when projects become available.

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